Week 7 – Assignment: Develop a Draft Research Proposal

This assignment is meant to prepare you for the Signature Assignment due in Week 8: A Quantitative Research Proposal. This week, you will take all of the pieces you have been practicing with the course and develop them in more detail around a well-supported problem that needs to be addressed in education. To begin, collect and read five peer-reviewed primary source research articles dated within the previous five years related to a research topic of interest. Use these sources to justify a specific problem in education that you want to address with your research.

Develop the following initial quantitative research proposal sections:

  1. A brief introduction to your topic (150-200 words)
  2. Statement of the problem, supported with five sources (200-250 words)
  3. Purpose of the study (1 clear paragraph)
  4. Research question(s) (be sure to avoid yes/no questions)
  5. Hypotheses (null and alternative)

Ensure all four sections are aligned in content and in wording. Remember that alignment means that the exact same key terms (and no new terms that appear only in one part) are used in the problem, the purpose, and the research questions.

Length: 2 pages, not including title and reference pages

References: Include a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed sources dated within the last 5 years