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Assignment 1: Finding the Leader in you: Self-Assessment/Johari Window

BUS 520 – Leadership and Organizational Behavior

There are many different ways to develop and construct a personality profile. From a perspective that is general, Rouse, M. (2009) refers to the definition that states that the profile of one’s personality is a knowledge management tool that is used to provide an evaluation of one’s personal attributes, values, and skills of life in an effort to increase ones performance on the job and their contribution to the company. The assessments that I took in week one confirmed some of the things that I knew about my personality and brought to light some of the traits that I did not openly see about how I resolved conflict.

In establishing my basic characteristic and personality traits profile I discovered that I am very strong and a definite decision maker. I am assertive and social even though I am not an extrovert. I know this is a contradiction and in spite of that I did discover many times I am between both traits. I found that I am not so trusting even though I am easily pleased and cooperative. I also tend to worry however, I am dependable, responsible, relaxed, secure and persistent. Openness to experience is also within my personality, on the other hand, I am cautious. (Levine, 1993)

The manager of the 21st century assessment “suggests a self-profile of your management foundations PMF”. (Hirschberg, 1998) When I completed this assessment my PMF score was 8.5 and this told me that I have a need that is ongoing, to continuously strengthen and improve my foundation as a manager. My weakness in this area is that when it comes to decision making I am very inconsistent. Because of this, other individuals may not be able to grasp my style of managing and that may be hard on someone. I have the ability to work under pressure and I am able to adapt to change which both are gratifying in this area. Looking at the dimension of the personality assessment the results make me persistent, responsible, and dependable.

The assessment “TT” Leadership style gives an impression that is instrumental about your tendencies for transformational and transactional leadership. This tool described my style of leadership as a manager that likes stability and the type of leader that likes to teach in place of facilitate. My score was a 25 for the leadership of transformational and transactional. I am the type of individual that likes to influence people to identify with me and my ideas. I am open to other individuals’ ideas and experiences and this is regardless of my status or position. My intuitive ability assessment shows that I am flexible and spontaneous when it comes to decision making. I received a 6 for the score of this assessment. For this assessment I fell right in the middle. This assessment revealed that I can deal with many situations especially when problems all come at once and I am able to find the big picture and move from one issue to another.

The conflict management strategies assessment showed me that these strategies are very important and helpful within any organization. My score is highest in the area of compromising tendency with problem solving and yielding tendencies scoring the same 13. From the look of this I would say I am not scared to solve any problems however I am very liable and susceptible to problem solving.

Time management assessment score was a 7. Which means that there is a lot of opportunity for me to grow. I see time as an asset that is valuable which means that I need to adjust and control my time management behavior. I also tend to catch emotions over things that have a return that is low on my investment of time.

My assessment score for preference of organizational design is a 7. I do value a design that is mechanic and it is important within the workplace. According to Schermerhorn, j. et al (2012 W-53) there is an indication within organizations of today to take on characteristics that are more organic. The preference that I have is to be more accommodating and more flexible.

Finally for the assessment that describes which culture fits you my score was a 4. I fell in the academy culture which also was inline of the fortress. I find that I am in the middle of this as well because I seek opportunities whenever they are present. I am not a risk taker however I do well in a corporate environment rather than an environment that is production.

As I look over the results of my assessment they show that I am positive, self-confident, and transformational. I have learned a lot about myself and my style of leadership. One thing about being transformational, it shows that I enjoy making things happen or like to create change within my environment. I am certainly the type of individual that likes to encourage others to advance. Because of these assessments I also have to understand the reality that even though I feel that I am decisive, I can also be very inconsistent about my decisions. This can cause me to be viewed as “wishy washy” or the type of individual that is not serious as a leader. By taking these assessments and viewing the concept of the Johari Window, I will be able to help other individuals understand self-disclosure values while encouraging them to accept and provide feedback that is constructive. One of the most effective things in leadership is the ability to be open. Being able to allow expressions that are open allows individuals that are concealed to become open as well. I should promote and encourage willingness as a leader. We have to be able to trust other individuals completely in order to share information that is personal with them. I will start to analyze processes and productivity of organizations also from what I learned by assessing leadership. By completing this assignment it has been very intense and a little difficult, yet I know that because of this I will be able to manage in a way that is effective and efficient in all aspects.


Schermerhorn, J. R. (2012 w-53). Organizational behavior. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley.

Levine, S. R., Crom, M. A., & Dale Carnegie & Associates (1993). The leader in you: How to win friends, influence people, and succeed in a changing world. New York: Simon & Schuster.

Hirschberg, J. (1998). The creative priority: Driving innovative business in the real world. New York, NY: Harper Business.

Rouse, M. (June 2009) Personality Profile. Retrieved from Visited 10/20/2013

Appendix: Self-Assessment Score Sheet

Self-Assessment Score Sheet

Directions: Complete the following self-assessments: A Twenty-First-Century Manager, “TT” Leadership Style, Intuitive Ability, Conflict Management Strategies, Time Management Profile, Organizational Design Preference, and Which Culture Fits You?” These self-assessments are located in Week 1 of your course shell. Read the scoring narrative provided at the end each self-assessment and record your score in the appropriate area below. Then, read the interpretation narrative and write a brief interpretation of what your score means.

Assessment: A Twenty-First-Century Manager

PMF Score: ___8.5__

Interpretation: I understand every element of the 21st Century Manager but with this test I see the need to continue to improve and grow in this area so that I can continue to grow successfully throughout my working career.

Assessment: “TT” Leadership Style Assessment

“Transformational” Leader Score: __25__ “Transactional” Leader Score: _25___

Interpretation: I have a little of both in this assessment. However I do realize that because of this I do understand that I have to encourage individuals around me by rewarding them as a transactional leader for all of their hard work but as a transactional leader there will has to continue to be focused on the team and continue to build and encourage the team as a whole.

Assessment: Intuitive Ability

Intuitive Score: __6___

Interpretation: In this area I do possess strength but I have to continue to develop. This is an area that needs continuous development. The intuitive approach is a style of leadership that I am very comfortable with. This test confirmed that I have the ability to learn complex skills and the capability to solve problems on rational basis.

Assessment: Conflict Management Strategies

Yielding tendency: ___13__ Compromising tendency: _17____

Forcing tendency: __12___ Problem-solving tendency: _13____

Avoiding tendency: _12____ Interpretation: For this assessment my score was high in compromising tendency. This shows that I am willing to come to an agreement with all individuals involved even though the individuals may have to give up some of the things that they are demanding. I am able to do that by communicating effectively and efficiently which results in a mutual agreement amongst all parties. I scored evenly with yielding and problem solving tendencies. These two areas are that I will need to continuously grow in. I don’t like confrontation and will try to avoid conflict as much as I can. Even though I think of myself as a leader there are times when I don’t won’t want to come off as being too pushy or self-serving however this attitude does work when it comes to problem solving tendencies. Problem solving skills allow me to have the ability to achieve and solve things that are not easy to do. Forcing and avoiding tendency these two were my lowest scores which I agree are not really used since forcing is disregarding others concerns by using authority or power and avoiding is not paying attention to problems and not doing anything to find a resolution for the problem. This is my lowest score so I agree that this is my least behavior.

Assessment: Time Management Profile

Score: ____7_

Interpretation: This is an area that I am continuously improving and developing. I am capable of meeting guidelines and deadline for project management however in the micro-managing environment this is definitely an area that I am working to improve. I work better without pressure and can manage my time wisely and meet guidelines as well as expectations.

Assessment: Organizational Design Preference

Score: ___7__

Interpretation: My score fell below 48 which lets me know that I am comfortable working in organic design workplace. This design has a culture that do things together, do things first, do things right and do things fast. The mechanistic design is a culture that does not allow individuals to be creative problem-solvers. To me this is like micro-managing and there are many companies that enforce this because of efficiency and because leadership costs.

Assessment: Which Culture Fits You?

Score: __4___

Interpretation: The culture that fits me is THE ACADEMY. I definitely agree with this because I am always seeking opportunities to improve and grow whenever they occur. I am looking to find employment with an organization that will provide an environment that is stable and I will be able to exercise my skills. The perfect job for me right now would be in a hospital, etc.

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