Social interaction is an essential element of human behavior that significantly determines how well they relate with other people from a personal and group perspective

Social interaction is an essential element of human behavior that significantly determines how well they relate with other people from a personal and group perspective. Notably, social interactions have been found to have a significant influence on the academic and professional success of individuals. Students who have high emotional intelligence and have social interaction skills often do better in academic and co-curricular activities than those who lack these skills (Weissberg, 2016). The same scenario is replicated in the professional environment where individuals with well-developed social interaction skills often perform better than their peers. In many cases, they last longer in their jobs due to likeability. In this project, I will use my personal experiences to analyze a social interaction in my life, highlighting specific behaviours exhibited.

Step 1: Choosing the Social Interaction Model

I have a younger brother named Ben, and since we were small children, we have never stopped arguing and fighting. It has always been apparent that we have different personalities, and it is no coincidence that we never agree on most things. While I love my brother very much, I must admit that our relationship has deteriorated in the past few weeks following a near-physical fight that played out in front of our parents. Looking back at the incident, I felt terrible, and having shared my feelings with him, we agreed to improve our relationship in the future. He suggested that we go on a small tour along a nearby river to discuss our differences and see how best to improve our relationship. Given this perspective, I choose to adopt the building relationship model to engineer personal connections and improve the relationship between individuals.

Step 2: Preparing for the Social Interaction

As earlier indicated, the purpose of the meeting will be to provide a platform on which my brother and I can improve our relationship from now on. I dissect the preparation stage of building relationships framework as below;

What do I know about the other person already?

My brother is an extrovert who I consider quite abrasive in that he has a reactionary character. He gets annoyed fast but is the kindest soul on earth. He is always willing to help out, and he wouldn’t fail to accompany you anywhere regardless of what he was doing. He is also outgoing and likes to make new friends.

What does the other person know about me?

I believe that my brother knows me quite well, and his perception is that I am a soft-spoken and shy older brother. I’m not too fond of too much attention and prefer staying indoors. Notably, I always have difficulty being in social settings and like being alone most of the time.

What is the purpose of the interaction?

Being brothers, we feel that it is vital that we have a personal relationship. My brother recently told me that we need to stand by each other, especially when facing challenges. However, despite being brothers, we have had a problematic relationship so far, and the purpose of this meeting is to build a better relationship from now on.

I really do love my brother, and I would like to improve my relationship with him. Having spoken about how bad he felt following our altercation last time, I believe that we share the same feelings about loving and caring for each other.

Stage 3: Participating in the Social Interaction

My brother and I went for the tour along the River, and it was clear to me that he had really wanted to have that conversation. It was a moment of opening up our hearts and relaying all our feelings to one another. We reminisced on past experiences, particularly when we were younger, and also revisited the many incidences, good and bad, that we have had so far. I must say that it was an enriching interactive experience….