Show that the distance from downtown to ballpark play important role in increase attendances.

Section 4: Business Analytics Solution (flexible length)

In this section, you will use one or more datasets to show the client organization how you solve the business problem by business analytics approach. You are expected to use at least two data mining techniques you learn from this course (e.g., predictive modeling, classification, association, text mining, etc.) to show the client organization that your solution can be used not only for descriptive and visual analytics, but also for advanced data analytics that can help the organization make better decisions and ultimately improve their performance. You can use Tableau, Excel, or other data visualization tools for descriptive analysis. However, you must use SPSS statistics and SPSS Modeler for the data mining parts. In case that you use any additional programming/scripting languages (e.g., R, python, etc.), discuss with the instructor in advance. The body of your report should contain results of the analysis, some graphs (if applicable), some tables (if applicable), and implications of your business analytics solutions for the client organization. Keep in mind that most of the clients are not business analytics experts. Avoid using too much technical jarg.

What is the Project?

This one section of the Project, I am using cluster analysis to determine that the ballpark location close to city downtown help to increase the attendances. I completed the cluster analysis on the SPSS modeler, and I placed the result on the PowerPoints and the excel sheet.

I need to write one or two pages to analysis this data to show from that the distance from downtown to ballpark play important role in increase attendances. Please using the charts, I provide to complete this section.

I need to provide the distance from downtown to the Ballpark play big factor in attendances number but same team I need to analysis the other factors on the datasheet.

Please use only this cluster analysis data and graphs in your analysis