Management and Operation of Organization

Operations management is essential in any business transaction all over the world. The critical competition priorities or aspects of management operations entail quality, cost, innovativeness, quality delivery, and flexibility. Cost-effectively monitors the enterprises’ expenses and the effective distribution of the costs to various products and services. Furthermore, quality ensures that the services and the products are produced according to the correct specification. On the other hand, flexibility is the ability to balance the changes in the management regarding workforce, volume equipment, force, and other resources.

Regarding innovation is the ability to quickly develop and come with a new service or process that will positively impact the enterprise.  With essential competitive priorities, management operations can drive developing strategies of operation that will play a significant role in changing the business position in the market and guide the decision that will affect various processes such as planning, technology, and different processing production. Operation strategy is usually affected by the consistency demonstration in the organization regarding the competitive priorities and, more so, the decision to operate. For any business to be in a position n of maintaining an advantage competition, there should be an operational strategy that will, in turn, categorize them in decision strategies and also determine the quality that will work best for the business.

The ability to compete in the Quick Trip depends on the operation strategies aligned well with the customers’ mission. The Quick trip dimension includes the product quality, and customer service cost reliability, and delivery services. (Nordfält, (2017) In Quick Trip, their operational strategies are horizontally joined to the other parts of the store. Their active methods are much related to the services specification. Regarding well coordination and management chain, the company has a blueprint on how to combine the organization and the customers. The author state that the essential thing has a right operation decision. The company has invested a lot into its employees, and it can offer low prices as well. In turn, this results in having a quality service advantage. In Quick Trips, there is evidence of service advantage. In the field of stores, they are easily navigable, and they are well organized. The stores are having parking lots, friendly services, and clean bathrooms. In turn, it gives the store an advantage over competitors.

The corporate plan relies upon the team member directly have profitability. Rather than treating the employees as a commodity, the company usually invests in them and offers more duties. This company has developed a philosophy aimed at recognizing and giving support to the best people as workers. Culture relies on uniform sales practices and discipline that makes the company provide fantastic experiences to its customers in the recruiting sector. There is a strive analysis in individual performance and experiences. Once the individual is employed, they offer training programs, thus gaining a good experience in the required sector. Some substantial wages and salaries are accompanied by many benefits such as job security, thus motivate workers to work extra hard; this, in turn, achieves a competitive advantage.

Operation management has usually influenced the various processes, especially customer sustainability and experiences. (Madman, (2019) The critical management key activities are capacity management, inventory control, resource planning, and product design. All these activities have a direct impact s to the customers and the company relationship.  All the operation management involves around goals of producing a high-quality product to the consumers. The company’s daily activities regarding the management operations have considered determining the quality of the service based on the customers’ perspective. The delivery services and the process of production are mandated in operation management. Various operation activities such as standard quality and recovery services play a significant role in customer satisfaction. Planning operations, for example, scheduling all staff and capacity of the various resources, leads to the employees’ motivation to deliver quality services. Operation planning and scheduling of staff play a vital role in motivating the workers.

Despite this company’s success in gaining loyalty to its customers, some challenges have faced operation management.  The significant challenges are the advancement of technology and also globalization. These two challenges convince the organization to start changing the strategies, alternatives, and goals regarding the competitive advantage and sustaining through the edge of the technology. Globalization has led to increased firm vulnerability by exposure to high competition from the competitors in the globe. Technology advancement has enhanced the information availability and accessibility that will aid in making a plan in the production sector. To solve the challenges, the operation manager should find cultural promotion methods that are creative and enable the company to change with changes in technology.

Performance measures

The growth of the organization is one area that can be used to measure its performance effectively. An organization’s growth relates to the previous size of the business where it started, current and plans or target of the organization from which one can conclude whether we have a positive or negative achievement. Quick Trips Service Operations have a vast growth since its formation 1n 1958 since in 2010 it had 500 stores in 11 cities of us. There are more plans to increase the number of stores to 732 by 2014, with 33 stores expected to be open the following year 2011 at a new market in North Carolina. They believe there is vast development taking place leading to increased population making a good target for business. QT started selling gasoline in 1971, which was a very competitive business, and two decades later, it had begun selling high-quality gas at standardized prices. According to customers who want to buy fresh foods, QT started preparing fresh food for customers and developed centralized QTKs QuikTrip kitchens to deliver fresh foods to customers that are not frozen. QT aims to saturate all markets in the US since they have already managed to drown some; therefore, more stores are expected to be opened in unsaturated areas…..