Let’s begin brainstorming interview questions. I would like

Let’s begin brainstorming interview questions. I would like for everyone to post a number of questions. Once the questions are posted you can take the responsibility to select and organize the questions. Think about questions that may fit the following categories: Background, Understanding the Role, Political Engagement, and Thoughtful Insights. Background: Introduction – Please tell me about yourself and your career path. How did you find yourself in this role? Understanding the Role: What is your position title and areas of responsibility? What are your greatest challenges day to day? What are you most proud of related to the position and why? What would you change about your work responsibilities? Political Engagement: What percentage of your work is considered political? How engaged are you in the political environment? What was your most recent political activity and describe the outcome? How do you manage multiple stakeholders with conflicting interests? How do you overcome a Neoliberal mentality? Thoughtful Insights: What would you recommend to future higher education scholars and leaders? Based upon what you know now, what would you say to your younger self before entering a political position?