Kuder Assessment

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Kuder Assessment

Kuder Assessment

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Kuder Assessments


Kuder assessments are a significant career test developed by Dr. Fredrick Kuder in 1938. The Kuder assessments are the best due to their validity and reliability. The interests and passion in a particular career are suitable for the Kuder assessments. This assessment is an occupational interest inventory designed to test one’s relative levels of interest in different occupational areas like mechanical and social services. My Kuder assessment was taken from Career Assessment | Career Development System | Kuder

Experience doing Kuder Assessment

The career assessment consisted of about 90 questions .it only took me 15 minutes to evaluate myself. I was able to see a summary and career recommendations. I can confess that the test was more than just a filled-out sheet. It gave me a jump start in choosing law as my career path that filled my interests and allowed me to match my personality in practicing law in broad.

While undertaking my Kuder assessment, I understood that it’s easy to be misled without a critical thinking assessment. Doing this assessment helped me to analyze and synthesize information. I have encountered so many people who constantly question me on my best area of skills and career. Awkwardly, I did not have a genuine and sincere response to give them. Kuder assessment provided a wide range of tests, encompassed to give forth defined results for the entire assessment – this helped me understand my area of interest and the skills I am good at, thus my career. Kuder assessment has been essential as it has helped me acquire skills to evaluate the information and draw conclusions that can be supported.

The Kuder test was based on testing my extroversion without necessarily using emotions. I can assert that it has helped with conscientiousness and openness to acquiring more experience. I was motivated by the test questions, which improved my power, independence, and recognition of the law.

The Kuder test was easy to undertake due to the personality type indicator. I understood that some people are intuition, thinking, and judging-oriented in law. The achievement of the result helped in testing my integrity as well. I realized that the Kuder test helps teach someone to always show honesty, dependability, and respect in the law room to be a competitive lawyer.

After every Kuder test, it is notable that the use of these tests when hiring for positions that require high levels of responsibility or reliability plays a vital role. For instance, in law firms, various persons must be able to make a sound judgment; as a lawyer am trading my client’s freedom for credits. Therefore, I have to defend them without making wrong decisions that might cause them life in imprisoned or huge court fines. I need to secure future jobs also to grow as well.

Interpretation of the Assessment Test

After undergoing the Kuder assessment, the upshot showed that being a lawyer is my premier career. I value law observance and maintaining peace and order by solving disputes between my friends. Besides, I have depicted a cohesive ability to fight off and give remedial resolutions to adversarial circumstances. My judgment resulted in being able to relate different scenarios and make a judgment that is not biased but based on facts and evidence.

The grade attained in Law observance related questions was 66%, Compelling judgment resulted in 53% of the same, fighting off adversarial circumstances was at 30%, Interpreting law was 28%, and solving disputes 20%. The result showed that my choice purse was not poor but stood for more learning law,

The Kuder assessment test helped in measuring the level of skills that I have already required. The primary criminal law questions sharpen the decision-making process in making wise judgments, as shown in the appendix. The assessment test’s performance reflects the current knowledge of the law.

How the assessment could be Useful in Career mentorship

The use of the Kuder assessment by career counselors could be helpful to help students clarify their interests and career decisions. The evaluation of the career choice is categorized into a different level of interest: Realistic; with this level, the student must represent things in a way that is accurate and real to life in choosing their profession. Some have to be investigative in that they will be entailed to search for ascertaining facts with the choices. The rest are Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional.

Comprehensively, the Kuder assessment I took could be integrated into career counseling to determine people’s skills and areas of interest. In schools and colleges, the assessment can be used to establish the best career a student should take to avoid inconveniences in choosing a career. In career counseling, clients will clearly understand their areas of interest and skills, thus enabling them to choose a career field that best utilizes their prowess. Fellow lawyers can also use the Kuder assessment to adopt skills in defending clients without making assumptions in courtrooms.

As it’s the main goal of the developers of this Kuder test, this test will help to mentor young people to determine the tasks they already have experience doing and check their confidence in accomplishing those tasks. In addition, it will be beneficial to teach them how to strive to be the best, challenge them to learn new skills, and believe in them that they can learn new tasks.

Kuder’s assessment has the most straightforward question that can quickly gain insights and explore a range of career and education options for the youth who are still confused about their potential in deciding what profession to practice and grow. Research has shown that most young minds choose the wrong careers due to insufficient information and guidance. But with the Kuder assessment, many people can now choose and make decisions that will satisfy them. The system is well equipped to empower students after high school education to make a successful transition that has no regrets soon. The better part is that it also measures personal style and occupational compatibility.

The Kuder assessment could also help eliminate moral dangers faced by young people. It will work well in dealing with ambiguity and eliminating wasteful conflicts that prevent them from acting. Further, it will help counsel morally courageous actions that may result in a damaged reputation and a loss of income and employment. When not dealt with in time.

Ethical Dilemmas

While completing the Kuder assessment, I merely encountered ethical dilemmas because I answered the questions based on the critical thinking skills I had acquired in the class. I found it easy to make solid arguments and analyze available information. Despite the overwhelming tests and questions, I strived to be cautious not to violate or demean moral standards. My answers were based on a general self-conduction of my skills and interests in law only. The test was between


Kidder’s assessment examines individuals’ areas of interest by assisting in figuring out their strongholds and applying critical thinking skills constructively. Notably, the Kuder assessment poses substantial benefits in career counseling by enabling one to identify people’s skills and interests.

To sum up, applying the Kuder assessment contributes to shaping one’s moral values. This test compromises one’s character and core values in choosing the right career. It allows one to understand that you decide to do what you have passion for and right in the true face of absolute loss. One has to know that career choice is an act that corrects a problem in our community. Lawyer defending the exportation of the poor by the rich is a good example. Therefore, the Kuder assessment prepares people to know where they stand in being resourceful for the good of the community’s morals.


Landherr, R. E. (2019). The relationship between the Kuder Career Assessment and program completion at Chippewa Valley Technical College (Doctoral dissertation, University of Wisconsin–Stout).


Kuder Assessment Results

The results of your career test are in. Here they are:

Personal skills and interest: Law

Traits: Law observance- 66%, Compelling judgment – 53%, Fight off adversarial circumstances- 30%, Interpreting law- 28%, Solving disputes- 20%

Role: Lawyer

Strategy: Social Relations

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