Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy for Noel Leeming

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Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy for Noel Leeming

Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy for Noel Leeming



Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy for Noel Leeming


As an electronics company that offers a wide range of electronic products to its varied market segments, Noel Leeming employs different strategies including both traditional (offline) and online approaches to promote and market its products and services (Noel Leeming Group Limited, 2019). The varied marketing communication approaches are crucial and attract lots of advantages to the organisation. Unfortunately, the company might not attain a satisfactory outcome by relying on a single marketing strategy while targeting its varied customers.

Existing Gaps and Challenges

Strengths of Noel Leeming company entail its reliance on a wide array of electronic products and related services. Besides, the company has a weakness of relying on a single approach of marketing that comprise online and offline strategies while targeting numerous groups of individuals. Even so, the organization has an opportunity of tailoring and improving its marketing strategies to attract more clients. Finally, the firm is facing a threat of entrance of more electronic competitors. Thus, Noel Leeming has to adjust its sales and marketing strategies to ensure that its online platforms are more effective and efficient. Luckily, the organization has some online tools and techniques, hence it would adjust with more comfort and relative ease.

Selected Target market

Noel Leeming targets youths aged between 17 and 21 years old with an improved online marketing strategy. The organization intends to sell its electronics for entertainment to the teenagers. Fortunately, many teenagers and young adults tend to like using social media and related online platforms (Anderson & Jiang, 2018; Clement, 2018). Accordingly, Noel Leeming will utilize an improved online marketing approach to market and sell its electronics for entertainment. The improved online marketing and digital communication strategy will be tailored to suit the demands and expectations of the youth within New Zealand and beyond.

A New Digital Communication

The goal of the new improved digital communication approach is to increase the number of teenage clients by over 200 percent. Precisely, the organization targets at attracting at least 10 000 youths. Moreover, the firm strives attract youth from New Zealand and other countries across the globe to achieve its target market share. The specific goal will adequately guide the project (Muller, 2017).

Accordingly, the organization endeavors to embrace suitable online strategies that facilitate digital communication with its clients. Even so, the firm would rely on offline tools and techniques to support the online strategies for effective and efficient communication (Filiposka et al., 2017). Appropriate online platforms will facilitate digital marketing communication between the firm and its clients.

Moreover, Noel Leeming will segment its market to facilitate development and execution of appropriate sales and marketing strategies (Venter, Wright & Dibb, 2015). Accordingly, the organization will utilize age as a basis for segmenting its market. Precisely, the firm will be targeting at youths aged between 17 and 21 years. As such, Noel Leeming will design and develop its sales and marketing strategies to suit the selected group.

Consequently, the organization will develop its sales and marketing message to suit the teenagers. Specifically, the firm will endeavor to promote its electronics for entertainment as excellent products for young adults. Besides, Noel Leeming will rely on varied formats including audio, video, print media and text to develop its messages to suit the demands and needs of its clients (Sharma et al., 2017).

Subsequently, the organization will strive to determine and embrace the most suitable digital tools and techniques to communicate with its clients and market its products and services. The firm intends to utilize some of the most effective and efficient online platforms including Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp to communicate with the clientele (Nurture Digital, 2019). The organization will focus online platforms that are preferable to many teenagers to reach a wide number of individuals. Also, the organization will consider online platforms that are relatively cheaper, efficient and effective in communicating with its current and future customers. Moreover, the firm will develop its website to suit the demands of the teenagers to supplement the social media platforms in marketing the electronics for entertainment. Precisely, the firm will improve its website to make it more interactive and attractive to the youths. Still, Noel Leeming will develop its website to ensure ease navigation and accomplishment of applicable processes.

Conversely, the organization will integrate its new digital communication approach into the overall marketing plan to ensure seamless marketing operations with its other market segments. Therefore, the firm will utilize existing online and offline tools and techniques to facilitate the digital communication to gain synergy (Pauwels et al., 2016). Besides, the organization will develop its new digital communication approach to run concurrently with limited or no interference with the current marketing strategies. Also, the firm will significantly reduce the cost of developing and embracing the new digital communication approach by considering the use of existing tools and techniques.

Also, the firm will determine and embrace appropriate tracking metrics for monitoring and controlling the new digital marketing communication approach to ensure it progresses well and delivers the desired outcomes (Kerzner, 2017). Accordingly, the organization will employ metrices that indicate performance of social media and websites. Thus, Noel Leeming will monitor aspects such as audience type, exit pages and average number of followers.

Metrices to measure the performance of the improved digital marketing communications campaign

Further, Noel Leeming will employ appropriate tracking metrics to monitor, measure and control its new digital marketing communication approach through social media platforms (Kar, 2015). Precisely, the firm will use aspects that entail audience type, average tweets, growth of brand followers in its Twitter account. Identification of the type of followers of Noel Leeming is essential in establishing if the firm is achieving its target of attracting the youth. In case the findings show that many of the firm’s audience are teenagers, then the project would have attained its goal. However, it the indicator shows that majority of the audience are not youth, then the firm with take necessary adjustments to attract more teenagers. Also, the organization will determine the number of average tweets from teenagers to determine if the teenagers are interested in its products and services. Moreover, the organization will determine if it is advancing as expected by measuring and monitoring growth of its followers.

Similarly, the firm will track and monitor engagement among its Facebook audiences. The company will strive to determine the attractiveness of the Facebook account to understand if it encourages transactions. Besides, the organization will monitor and measure Facebook referral traffic to understand if other persons are encouraging their colleagues, friends and relatives to purchase its electronics and related services. Still, the firm will monitor and determine the number of page-likes and follows on every Facebook post to know the size of active followers.

Likewise, the organization will monitor value per visits on its website to determine its effectiveness (Krishna et al., 2018). Moreover, the organization will identify exit pages to facilitate necessary adjustments to avoid such undesired events in future. Also, the firm will find and evaluate time that audience spend on its website to determine if it is attractive. When audiences spend limited time on the firm’s website, it could mean that the website is unattractive, thus requiring some adjustments.


Considering findings from the above-discussions, it is advisable for Noel Leeming to develop and adopt the new improved digital marketing communication strategy. The new approach seems to be highly effective in communicating with the teenagers since such a market segment tend to be attracted to interactive websites and social media. Besides, the organization will make minor changes and little extra costs to ensure that the new strategy works since it is designed to work with existing offline tools and integrates with other marketing approaches.

Moreover, the organization should consider careful monitoring and control of the new marketing strategy to ensure it progresses well and delivers the desired outcomes. Accordingly, the firm should employ the most competent and qualified professionals to establish and monitor appropriate tracking matrices for its social media platforms and website.


Noel Leeming would probably increase its sales and remain more competitive in the market by employing an improved digital marketing communication strategy. Besides, the organization will integrate the new improved marketing strategy with the existing marketing approaches to ensure more effectiveness and avoid interference with other marketing approaches. A proper blend of suitable online and offline sales and marketing communication tools and channels have a synergy to educate, persuade and convince the target clients to embrace the products and services on promotion. Accordingly, the organisation would properly develop and design its adverts to ensure that they are highly-appealing to the youth, present all the essential details about the entertainment products and services, and remains more persuading and convincing to the young adults. Besides, the adverts would be flexible enough to be distributed using different media including both offline and online platforms. Still, the adverts would embrace varied formats including words, audios, videos and images to remain effective when communicating with diversified clients including the deaf and the blind. Additionally, the organisation would establish and manage client databases to facilitate quick generation of contacts and addresses when required for communication. Also, Noel Leeming would strive to embrace environmentally-friendly practices to promote sustainability and gain more reputation as a responsible firm. Finally, the organization will carefully monitor and control the new digital marketing communication to ensure that it progresses as planned and deliver the desired results.


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Appendix A

(Clement, 2018).

Appendix B

Tracking / Metrics

Metrics What the Metric Measures Relevance of the Metric

Twitter –Audience Type Measures demographics of audience attracted by the company’s page It informs the organization about the number of youths it would communicate with through Twitter

Twitter – Average Retweets Measures the average number of followers who retweet on daily basis It informs the firm on the frequency of communicating with their clients.

Twitter – Growth of Brand Followers Measures the rate of growth with regards to number of new followers It informs the organization of projected growth rate, hence future market share.

Facebook – Engagement Measures the number of followers who make action on the company’s post The organization would determine the number of followers it would influence through Facebook

Facebook – Facebook Referral Traffic Measures number of persons who accessed and view the firm’s Facebook post through referrals from other people The firm could use this information to predict the number clients it could attain through referrals

Facebook – Page Likes and Follows Measures active audiences interested in the organization’s messages The organization could use this information to estimate the size of its Facebook clients

Company Website – Value Per Visits Measures useful actions upon visiting the website The organization would determine and evaluate part of the traffic that attracts more business

Company Website- Exit Pages Determines and measures sections of the website that makes audience to quit before completing their conversion activities It informs the firm of areas of weakness, thus triggering necessary adjustments

Company Website – Time Spent on Site Measures duration of engagement between an audience and company through the website Informs the firm if the site is interactive and exciting to the audiences

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