In writing a literature review your goal is to present info

In writing a literature review, your goal is to present informationabout a topic that already exists in the scholarly literature – not toshare personal opinions.To prepare for this Project:Read the Black (2007) and Walden University Writing Center(2011) articles and review the Sample Literature Review in this week’sLearning Resources. Use the Walden Library to research multiple perspectivesregarding potential solutions to the social issue you selected which was Black Lives Matter Movement.From this research, identify a minimum of two potential solutions to the social issue.Select a minimum of two scholarly resources from the Walden Library to support each of the potential solutions you identified.Write a 2- to 3-page synopsis (not including the coverpage or references) of your resource findings. Address the following inyour review of the scholarly literature and be sure to use evidence tosupport your statements for each component:Describe at least two potential solutions to the social issue. What are the key steps involved with each potential solution?Are the potential solutions feasible? Explain.Are there any conflicts among the various perspectives regardingpotential solutions to the social issue? What are the conflicts thatexist? If you do not believe there are any conflicts, explain how youarrived at this conclusion.What are the interests, rights, and values of all parties(stakeholders) involved with the potential solutions to the socialissue?Are there ethical dilemmas involved with the potential solutionsthe social issue? Explain. If you do not believe there are any ethicaldilemmas, explain how you arrived at this conclusion.Be sure to include an introduction, body, conclusion, and reference page, using APA format to cite each of your sources in the body of your paper.