In this unit you are examining how people learn information

In this unit, you are examining how people learn information, as well as how they remember it. Behaviorism is a school of thought in psychology that attempts to explain learning through different types of associations and conditioning. Think about how this type of learning occurs in your own life, as well as your own memory processes.Choose one of the forms of learning that you read about in your text: classical conditioning, operant conditioning, or observational learning. Give a specific example of how this form of learning goes on in your life or the life of someone you know.Explain how this example relates to this style of learning, with regards to associations (classical conditioning), shaping (operant conditioning), or reasons for social imitation (observational learning).Describe what type of memory process you think may have occurred here and why. (For example, implicit, explicit, effortful processing, or automatic processing are types of memory processes.)apa format and only 200-250 words no plaigiarism please