In the last week you helped me finish an essay. I received

In the last week, you helped me finish an essay. I received a teacher’s evaluation of this essay. You need to modify the essay based on these reviews, just some minor changes. I will send you all the details, thank you.This is the teacher’s evaluation :You do not need a title page but must have everything on page one and use page numbers in the header too–I will attach your paper and I have structured page one correctly for you to see. Now the paper is outstanding and here are some important corrections: para 1 characterization, involves brought up in the American South. (If you say South America, that means Brazil, Peru, Columbia etc–there is a big difference) para 2 as observed in the story. (a book is a large bound volume, but the story is smaller) She the eats . . .has prepared . . .she takes the lid . . and says she will turn . . She also wants to take (note in English when you are talking about a story, movie, novel, etc–you use what is called the Literary Present Tense–look it up and see why you must use it) and economically, while para 3 her mother for quilts but once the mother denies her (notice you need once, not ones) para 4 mother as the narrator, and this gives . .than her family’s impoverished life. or than her family’s poor lifestyle. or even than her family’s life of poverty. NOTE poverty is a noun so can not modify life. and has little knowledge of her heritage. (not on) para last the author of the story. what others, like her mother, says about her. be careful with the English word like . . .it can never appear in front of a subject and its verb as in the expression like I said (this is considered very bad English) The final line is an excellent ending to the essay. You have a very strong essay, to me a 93 and you have + 2 points for being the fourth one to submit the essay, so you have a 95 on this draft–now the revision will be raised from the original 93% when I grade it. Now attached is your essay that I adjusted the format and put in a number on page one–this is how your essay should look when you submit it: