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To get history homework help, you will want to understand how to study history. History is a fascinating area to study because it connects to literature, science, philosophy, and poetry. These advancements in human understanding come as a result of historical context. To understand scientific theory, historians consider the advancements happening in society at that time. This gives a framework to appreciate how revolutionary the improvement truly was.

The first step of considering history begins by stopping memorizing events. You are not a fact machine, and Wikipedia already covers that. The technical details do not matter as much as understanding the context of history and how leading figures influenced each other over time. History cannot work as a system as dates and facts to regurgitate, but it can work as a servant to understanding the general trend of what has happened through a specific era of time. Motives for action can then be supplemented by the facts and dates.

Looking at photos and even paintings also offers a fascinating way to learn about history. Everyone knows that a picture is worth 1,000 words. Fortunately, Twitter user @HistoryinPics can help with that. The goal is to ignite your interest and curiosity so that you would ask the question “why?” Maybe a photo concerns your history homework at this time and you want help on it. The beauty of history comes in realizing that the facts come as secondary details to the context.

History Homework Starts with Curiosity.. and Pictures

EssayMusk works with history tutors that can help in American History, European History, Art History, and World History. If we were studying American History from a photographic perspective, we would ask ourselves why Billy the Kid looks like such a dangerous person. What happened in his child that made him want to break the law? Where would he wear those boots? What was the meaning of the ring on his right pinky finger? And why would he put his entire hand over the gun muzzle?

So if you want homework help, you’ll easily find history tutors that can help with that. We take pride in giving students a great and incredibly fast experience working with tutors. But if you want to learn and get excited by the context of history and how people influence each other to make an impact on their world, start with the big picture in mind. Our tutors will help you fill in the details in any way you need.

Government Homework Help

When you consider the importance of the government, it is important to get the facts straight. Our government homework help offers you the ability to get the right answers with a refund policy that protects your peace of mind.

Have you ever wondered where your tax dollars go or why people complain about it so much? Perhaps you wonder about who built the highway that goes past your house or who picked the textbooks that you have to use now to get help on your government homework. The government is involved in our daily lives in many ways that we take for granted like making you have a license to drive, fish, hunt, or become a barber.
The study of government answers all of these questions and more. Government is a set of rules and institutions that people set up so that they can function as a unified society. By studying government, you can participate in an informed way that makes your interaction more effective. So what are the most interesting things to know about your government that you would not learn while getting help from a tutor?
Here are 6 fun facts about the US that you would probably not discover in your government homework help session:

  • America’s least populated state is Wyoming.
  • Idaho has a single area code for the entire state.
  • Springer Mountain, GA is the starting point of the Appalachian Trail. This hiking path stretches 2,200 miles north to Mount Katahdin, Maine.
  • Hawaii was given its own unique currency during WWII so that if the Japanese took it, the government could declare the currency useless.
  • Hawaii, Alaska, Vermont, and Maine all ban billboards.
  • Michigan has M185 highway, which is the only highway in the United States where cars are banned.

When you consider the importance of the government, it is important to get the facts straight. EssayMusk homework help offers you the ability to get the right answers with a refund policy that protects your peace of mind.

We know our homework help works for three reasons:

  • You are protected by a refund policy that rivals Amazon. If you aren’t satisfied with your answers, we’ll make it right and hold the government tutor accountable. Our job is to make you smarter and more successful.
  • Our government tutors take pride in offering you fast responses because they get negative reviews if they are unhelpful talking to you about bicameral legislation. In contrast, when they receive positive reviews for talking about the Whig party or whatever else you want to learn about, they earn the opportunity to get more work from students that trust them.
  • Answers come with context. You’ll be able to study the answer to the question and read the details. We won’t just say “George Washington was the president of the United States,” but we’ll share what got him there and why he set the stand for many presidents to come. In the meantime, you can tackle your government project this way with greater context to make sure the homework gets done.