Evaluate an urban sustainability issue to determine possible intervention strategies

We are now at the point of developing solutions to urban community sustainability through intervention strategies.  Your assignment is to select one sustainability issue that you discovered during your Community Sustainability Assessment and develop an intervention strategy to improve that particular problem.  

This assignment is to be submitted as a two page paper (single spaced) that:

  • Evaluates an urban sustainability issue to determine possible intervention strategies.
  • Demonstrates your acquired skills and knowledge associated with the varied facets of urban sustainability in the solving of complex urban problems.
  • Shows that you have developed  a deeper knowledge in a selected aspect or issue related to sustainable urban communities.
  • Formulates an intervention strategy for the selected sustainability issue in an urban community.

Provide a solid basis for your strategy, positions and arguments through the (proper) citation of the reference materials (Chicago style).  Keep the paper succinct and focused on the topics to be addressed.  After submitting your assignment, participate in the Urban Community Sustainability Intervention Discussion.