Coronavirus disease first cases were reported at Wuhan china towards ye end of the year 2019 in December.


Coronavirus disease first cases were reported at Wuhan china towards ye end of the year 2019 in December. The condition, which was characterized by fever, dry caught, tiredness, sore throat, and headache, spread very fast to many regions of china before it found its way to other nations. Covid 19 is significantly transmitted through respiratory droplets contact by infected person-generated through sneezing and coughing (Friedberg, (2020)). Also, touching contaminated services by the virus and then touching the face contributes to spreading the virus since the virus has a lifespan of up to 10 days on surfaces. Those modes of infection made the disease spread very fast to all countries, which made it be announced as a world disaster calling all nations to join hands to find a solution.  In limiting the spread of the disease, people were asked to wear masks to protect from inhaling the virus, observe 6 feet from one person to the other, wash hands multiple times, and avoid touching the face. By March 2020, many countries had closed their boundaries to prevent the further import of infected people to control spreading, but it was too late since the virus had found a way in almost all countries. Governments initiated lockdowns, curfews, and restricted moments of people, which led to stopping many economic activities, leading to the historical fall of countries’ economies and world economies. So far, there are over 150 million reported cases of covid 19 worldwide and over 3 million deaths, with America leading at 34.4 million cases and 577 deaths. Coronavirus pressure led to a combination of forces by all countries and health sectors led by the WHO to find the cure or preventive measure to the disease through research. The union, for a purpose, has beard fruits since several types of vaccines have been discovered and approved for human consumptions. America’s government has initiated plans to immunize all its citizens despite facing opposition from some people who believe the virus has side effects and oppose government operations.

Role of government and Illinois health departments in mass vaccination

The primary role of the government is to protect and control the affairs of its citizens; this includes ensuring the citizens are in good health and their lives are not endangered. Therefore, during this covid 19 pandemic, governments have a significant role in ensuring that all their citizens’ health status is well secured by providing preventive measures. The government will be involved in planning vaccine distribution to its citizens and certifying vaccination (Chen, (2020)). In planning, security, chain management, mobility, and underlying data architecture must be considered for each dose like the type of Vaccine, manufacturer, vaccination date, and manufacturer for ease of reference in case of side effects.  The government should also secure the distribution of the doses against campaigns to let down the supply and probabilities of cybersecurity. Some people would corrupt data only to see government fail in its processes and steal stored information.

The government also has the responsibility to ensure the certification of vaccinated persons. The health records will be vital in verifying test and immunization status as institutions like schools, arenas, workplaces, and other social events began to be opened. A certificate of immunization will be a requirement for every person to be in public places to ensure all people are secured from the virus. To re-open the economy safely, the government has to analyze population performance on vaccination, which cannot open the state unless a critical number of people have been vaccinated.  

The state government of Illinois formed a rapid organization to manage and guide vaccination operations in Illinois. The organization guides direction of which department of health in Illinois, local partner agencies, and stakeholders involved in the vaccination process ensures that all citizens within the state are immunized. Through the experience from the H1N1 pandemic, which had invaded Illinois in 2009, the organization workgroup has been able to plan an effective method state-wide vaccination campaign and how to coordinate distribution of doses and respond to additional requests the mitigating virus spread.

Illinois department has played an essential role in cod 19 vaccination. This department has developed a strategy of involving and united the various departments such as preparedness and response and immunization section that are willing to participate in the vaccination process.  They are also recruiting, offering, and training all staff who will participate in the vaccination process. Illinois department is also monitoring the vaccination process to increase the number of residents benefiting from the vaccination process.

Since its formation, Illinois has taken vast steps in ensuring the successful operation of immunizing all citizens within the state. The organization started by strategizing a plan to be use3d in supplying the Vaccine to all places in Illinois and putting in place vaccine providers to assist in the process (Shen, (2021)). Also, there is a transparent record-keeping of those who get immunized done electronically and offering certificates once vaccinated to prove healthy to interact with the public in institutions. Setting up stores for the virus was another critical requirement to be determined since the Vaccine requires super cold between -60 to -80 degrees to increase self-life and ensure efficiency. Illinois received 9.94 million doses from the federal government, and it has immunized fully 3.96 million people, which is 31% of all people in Illinois. Vaccination first targeted those at risk of getting the virus-like health officers, the aged, public workers, and those suffering chronic diseases. The mortality rate due to covid 19 was high among those with health complications. Initial vaccination was done in three phases where; the first phase was the vaccination of health servants who have direct exposure to infectious materials and patients. Public servants like police were the second to be immunized since they interact with the public and cannot work from home. Also, the aged over 65 years were included in this phase. Phase three vaccine was taken to the general public in all sectors and ages……