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Sociological Theories on Gender Stratification

1. Functionalist theory – This is a theory of gender roles which states that gender roles exist to maximize social efficiency. This perspective sees society as a complex system whose different parts come together to form stability and solidarity.

2. The conflict theory – The conflict theory states that men who are seen as the dominant gender subordinate women to maintain privileges and power in society. The theory goes on to add that social problems come when a dominant group mistreats the subordinate ones. This theory advocates for the balance of power between men and women. In this theory, men are said to want to control;

  • Political power
  • Economic power

3. Interactionist theory – In this theory, people study how individuals behave and act within a society. The theory explains that people act towards each other based on what they think of each other socially. The way people think about each other is derived from social interaction. The interactionist theory covers other theories, which include:

  • Goffman and control
  • Symbolic interactionism
  • Interactionism
  • Gender as performance

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Population Growth

Changing fertility, migration, and mortality rates make up a population composition which is a picture of the demographic profile of a population. Population composition is made up of a sex ratio as well as a population pyramid.

Demographic Theories

Malthusian Theory  Thomas Malthus, in his theory, noted that three factors had the power to control the human population. He mentioned the factors as diseases, war & famine. He also noted that preventive checks were responsible for controlling the population, which included celibacy and birth control. In his thinking, Malthus noted people would produce a certain amount of food within a year. Due to the increased population, people would eventually run out of food. The scarcity of resources would then lead to war as people fight for what is left. This would bring the population to a manageable level, and then the cycle would repeat itself.
Zero Population GrowthAccording to Paul Ehrlich, it is the environment that will be responsible for the health of the human population. He noted that the population was moving towards environmental collapse because people use and pollute the environment. Some of the areas to face the most pollution would be water and air. He advocated for population growth by noting that people would enter a population through birth and immigration while an equal number would leave the population through death and emigration.
Cornucopian TheoryAccording to the cornucopian theory, humans are clearing themselves out. The theory adds that the ingenuity of humans can solve any social and environmental issues that may arise. He gave an example of food security by noting that whenever there was a shortage of food, scientists would solve it by developing breeds that would suit specific environmental conditions.
Demographic Transition  The demographic transition theory states that future population growth will occur along with a four-stage model. Stage 1 – In this stage, birth, death, and infant mortality rates will be high.Stage 2 – As countries continue to industrialize, the second stage will occur. In this stage, birth rates will be high while death and infant mortality rates will be low Stage 3 – In this stage, birth rates will go down while life expectancy will increase.Stage 4 – In this stage, the birth rate and death rate will be low. People will be generally healthier and live longer as the society will be entering a phase of population stability.