Based on a review the concepts in the textbook, peer-review articles and what you have learned conducting your own research, discuss how you would go about resolving a real-life accounting issue at work

Week 7 Research Project: Final Version of Report

PART 7 AND 2 TOPICS: Please write 4 Paragraphs for each Topic. You don’t need to write response only the first post that will be only 4 paragraph. This is important because it is part/related of the thesis and it has to be separate FINAL PART

  • Topic 1: Solving an Accounting Situation

Based on a review the concepts in the textbook, peer-review articles and what you have learned conducting your own research, discuss how you would go about resolving a real-life accounting issue at work. For example, your supervisor asked you to investigate the proper way to record a transaction since the accounting standards recently changed on this issue.  Describe how you would go about conducting research to provide your supervisor with the most accurate information.  Be sure to include the steps you would take in your research, the actual research you would conduct (where you would look for this information), and how you would communicate the results of your research.  Be sure to provide specific examples. 


After you have reviewed the grading rubric and made any necessary adjustments upload your project (i.e., research report) here as one document and not as two or more documents or files.  You must embed your other software files such as Excel and IDEA file(s) into your Word document. If you have trouble copying and pasting the tables and chart of your survey results as prepared by, you will need to print screen your results and copy them into Word to embed into your research report. I WILL SEND YOU THIS INFORMATION

Research Paper Complete Final Version

You will be selecting, researching and discussing a current topic (e.g., problem, issue or question) in the accounting profession. Be sure your topic will allow you to not only conduct research but to survey participants, review other professional’s opinions, and perform data analysis.  You will be preparing a report that incorporates your knowledge and research skills including proper research techniques. You will present your findings based on the criteria below. This project will be submitted in parts throughout the course. The final version will include all of the parts (e.., Excel, IDEA, survey) to be submitted in Week 7.

Based on your readings, use of technology, primary peer-reviewed literature, authoritative sources, research, and secondary data include the following in your report:

  • Analyze a current or emerging trend in an accounting problem. You are not required to resolve the problem. You are required to explore it in a professional and systematic manner from all of the major accounting discipline perspectives (e.g., financial, managerial, tax, auditing, governmental. international, forensic accounting and auditing). This also includes review comments from other professionals on the topic such as those found in comment letters to the FASB. 
  • Discuss if these problems are actually new or if they are just modifications of older problems that continue.  What current regulations, ethical issues, and/or laws exist to assist in the resolution of the problem?
  • Components of your completed report will include revised components of the paper submitted in prior weeks plus the following: Concepts Statements impact on decision making, Software (business and accounting) potential impact on decision making, Research Limitations, Suggested Future Research, Conclusions, Recommendations, and a Summary of the report. 


  • The body of a research paper should be at least 26 pages (not including cover page, abstract, or references), but not more than 40 pages in total. It is more difficult to write in an efficient and effective style versus including excessive material.
  • The structure of the paper should be as follows: cover page, abstract, introduction, body of the report with headings and subheadings throughout, references and then the appendices if you have any appendices.
  • Research papers require a minimum of ten references: academic and professional journals, and/or appropriate authoritative references identified by the instructor.
  • All research papers are submitted in APA format per University Policy.
  • You will be presenting your research in Keiser Live! to the class the last week using your PowerPoint slide presentation.
  • Review the suggested paper outline attached